Inclusion in action edited by Phil Foreman and Michael Arthur-Kelly

Fiona Woodgate New Zealand Tertiary College

Book Reviews: Vol 5, No 4 - Nov 2018

Editors Phil Foreman and Michael Arthur-Kelly have vast experience in the field of education and specifically inclusive education.  Phil Foreman is an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Newcastle and Michael Arthur-Kelly is currently a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Newcastle. They, along with several contributors, have produced a text that outlines a clear philosophy of inclusive practices and how this can be achieved within an educational setting.

Subjects such as legislation and policies, inclusion in diverse communities, curriculum, effective teaching strategies and inclusion in early childhood and primary settings are covered across 12 informative chapters.  Written from an Australasian perspective, recent changes to policy and legislation both within Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand are discussed and related to practices that are heavily influenced by social justice and the philosophy that all people have the right to learning opportunities and to live as normal a life as possible within their community. Discussions of English and American policies are also included providing international perspectives.

Interspersed throughout the chapters are case studies that provide practical examples and reflective questions which are posed to prompt readers to examine their own values and beliefs, supporting the development of an understanding of the relationship between theories, legislation and practices.

Much of the discussion within the text relates closely to academic learning in the compulsory education sector and an effort has been made to weave in practices applicable to the early childhood sector too. Coral Kemp’s chapter on inclusion in early childhood provides those in the early childhood sector with specific information about the importance of early intervention, and collaboration with the family, the child and outside agencies.

The comprehensive nature of this book, which details specific strategies to ensure inclusion of diversity at all levels of education, makes it suitable for those within the education sector, including students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and providers of teacher education.

  • Foreman, P., & Arthur-Kelly, M. (Eds.). (2017). Inclusion in action (5th ed.). South Melbourne, VIC: Cengage Learning.

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