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Volume 4, Number 1 - April 2015


Christopher NaughtonConversations about technology in early childhood education
Practitioner Researcher

Peng ZouDiverse sexualities in the early childhood setting in New Zealand: Theories, research, and beyond

Katherine AndrewWhat strategies can educators use, within an ECE setting, to encourage pro-social behaviour?

Danielle Smith, née BullThe outdoor environment, enriching or not? The quest to find out: A brief review of the literature

Nicky O’BrienStrategies for teachers developing strategies for mathematics in early childhood education
Special Edition

Andrew GibbonsTaking care in questioning new media in early childhood education: Benefits, behaviours, and working conditions

Kathryn MacCallum, Heather BellSmart devices for supporting inquiry and conversations in early childhood education

Danielle CarterA library in your hand: Resources for meaningful play and early literacy

Filipe PrietoICT journey in ECE

Shanali Vindya de RoseKeep it simple: Introducing information and communication technology to early childhood education student teachers

Roimata RokxNgā pumanawa tautono hei awhina I te ako reo Māori: Applications to support the learning of Māori language

Simon ArchardDemocracy and information communication technology (ICT): A pedagogical relationship
Book Reviews

Shirley HarrisUpdating the early years from a United Kingdom perspective (Review of the book Contemporary Issues in the Early Years, by G. Pugh & B. Duffy)

Sujatha GomathinayagamThe essence of play: A practice companion for professionals working with children and young people by Justine Howard and Karen McInnes


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